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Welcome to needmoneytoday.ca, an online loan matching website that aims to help people in their difficult situations. We are not the lender but help people to get the financial service that match their need and pocket. Here we are associated with many lenders that offer the different financial services to people in need. But before making the use of the site for getting any our help you must read and understand the terms of website use.

It is an agreement that is meant between needmoneytoday.ca and the visitors. So, it is must that you ready it thoroughly before using the site as continuous usage of the site it will bind with it. If you use the site to gather the information or to get the service, it will indicate your acceptance of all the terms discussed below. In any case that you find term unacceptable then we request you to leave the site immediately.

About Us And Our Service

It is essential to note that we are not a lender or hold the authority to make credit decision on lender's behalf. We simply help people to get the matching service from the lenders in our panel. We provide the loan arrangement service to our registered users at free of cost. We get our commission from lender for referring the potential borrower.

It is notable that registering with us doesn't mean loan approval. We just share your details with the lenders so they can offer you the right service. The acceptance of the loan service simply depends on the lender as we play no role in their lending process. It is notable that we are not responsibility for the deal happened between you and lender. You take the service totally at your risk.

Protection And Sharing Of The Data

  • The privacy policy of the needmoneytoday.ca provides the necessary security to the users which you should check before sharing your data.
  • It is notable that we will share your information with lenders in our panel so you can get the right lending option.
  • We might share the details with more than one lender for getting you the right service. But we hold no responsibility of their policy to protect your data.
  • In need we may also share your details with the legal entity. But we never give your details to anyone else.

Authorized Usage

Both visitors and registered users can access the site anywhere at any time. But guest visitors are allowed to visits some portion of the site only. You are not permitted to access the full site when you register with us. It is notable we claim no responsibility if our site or some of its portions not available temporary or permanently.

The material available at the site is protected under the copyright and under property laws. So you are just free to get the necessary detail or your personal purpose. The commercial usage of any material of this website is spicily prohibited.


  • Filling our loan form doesn't mean that you get the loan approval as we play no role in the lending process of the service provider.
  • Our site may contain some faults and we hold no responsibility for damage occurred through the website.
  • You are using our site or any third party link solely at your own risk.

Modification Rights

This website holds the modification right that allows us to make the necessary changes in the website whenever require. We are not bound to notify the same as it is visitor's duty to look for the updates on every visit. The amendments come with immediate effects and using the site after the same is considered as visitor's acceptance on the same.


In case you wish to file a formal complaint about our service then feel free to write us at info@needmoneytoday.ca. We will come back to you with the relevant response in the shortest possible time.

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